Suspect Intercepted By Cops Trying to Flee From Police In Tony Romo Jersey (Video)

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If you’re going to run away from police, at least do it in an Adrian Peterson jersey, and not in the jersey of a QB that is known for being intercepted at the wrong time.

Televised police chases in California are pretty much reality TV shows. There are new episodes almost daily and usually you will encounter something you’ve never seen before.

According to the LA Times:

“The man drove recklessly for nearly an hour, hitting an armored car and another vehicle. At one point, he looked up and waived at TV choppers broadcasting the chase. He ended up in the hills above Whittier, along Turnbull Canyon Road.”


“There, he slowed his vehicle in a tree-covered section of the road. As the Honda Accord kept moving, he climbed almost imperceptibly out of the driver’s window. The vehicle coasted to a stop farther down the road.”

Then the world was introduced to the suspect attempting to run away in Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo’s jersey.  As he scrambled away from police, he was quickly intercepted and taken into custody.





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