Woman Claims Knicks PF Kyle O’Quinn Choked Her When She Refused His Advances

Brooklyn Nets v New York Knicks

Quite disturbing news if true.

New York Knicks PF/C Kyle O’Quinn is being accused and sued for allegedly assaulting a woman after she turned down his advances.

There’s 3 sides to every story: hers, his, and somewhere in the middle is the truth.

Here is her side:

“Shakaira Elaine Elie, 22, was enjoying a day party with her friends at Trinity Place Bar and Restaurant on May 22 when they noticed a very tall man staring at her, according to a lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court.
Unbeknownst to Elie, the 6-foot-10 man was Knicks power forward Kyle O’Quinn.
O’Quinn, 26, of Queens, was with a woman — believed to be his girlfriend — who also allegedly noticed him making googly eyes at Elie and was not paying attention to her, according to the suit’s account.”
His current girlfriend must be use to this type of behavior, since he had the courage to walk up to another woman and try to get her number while she was right there. That’s when, according to Elie, his GF assaulted her first and then O’Quinn came in with a choke.
“O’Quinn allegedly jumped in and grabbed Elie by the neck, according to the court documents.
“We find it extremely disturbing that a person with his fame, that young people look up to, would not prevent a fight from happening, but instead would brutally attack, choke and slam her to the ground, not once, but twice,” said Elie’s attorney Marion Conde da Silveira.”
A guy averaging 5.2 PPG shouldn’t be out here randomly choking women like Mr. O’Quinn did. He has more important things to do, like helping the Knicks attempt to win more than 32 games next year.
Here’s the lady, Shakaira Elaine Elie, who is suing the Knicks player:

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