Floyd Mayweather is Bragging on Instagram about How Much He’s Betting on the Warriors (Pics)

Anyone with a passing knowledge of Floyd Mayweather knows that he seems far more interested in just showing off his money than he is about being a decent, or even tolerable, person.

He continued to prove us all right over the weekend as he posted some pics of giant bets he made on the Warriors in the NBA Finals. This first one is for Game One of the NBA Finals, in which he bet that the Warriors would be up by three over the Cavs in the first half.

(I’m not sure why he made it a video that doesn’t move.):

And here’s a slip showing that he bet $170,000 on the Warriors to win game six of the Western Conference Finals, netting $220,000 on his bet:

So…congratulations are in order to Mr. Mayweather? I guess?

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