Footage From Aqib Talib’s Shooting Incident Released (Video)

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It was reported that in the early morning hours on Sunday, 3 people were shot in a Dallas nightclub and one just so happened to be Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib.

He suffered only minor injuries, because the bullet that went through his leg hit no major arteries and surgery was not required.

On Monday, TMZ obtained footage of the strip club shootout:

“The person who shot the video tells us … he was aware of the ruckus inside V Live involving the NFL star — and began recording when he saw a group of people gathering OUTSIDE the club.

At one point, you can hear 4 gunshots ring out — but it’s unclear who fired.

Important to note, the video appears in a Snapchat story format — the edits in the footage were made by the person who recorded it, not TMZ. We’re told the video remains in sequential order.

We spoke with multiple sources connected to the investigation who tell us the video does sync up with the Talib incident. “

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