Former NBA Player Gilbert Arenas Says ‘F*ck His Kids’ In A Secret Recording By Ex-GF (Video)

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Since being exiled or retired from the NBA, former Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas has been the center of controversy with his posts on social media, mainly Instagram. The latest controversy is a conversation of him that his ex, Laura Govan secretly recorded of him during a heated conversation where Arenas can be heard saying, “Fuck you and them 4 kids”—those being HIS 4 kids.

Angela Yee of the Breakfast Club released exclusive audio on her radio show and it sounded just as bad as you would think:

Arenas, as he always does, took to Instagram to explain why he said it:


Theres a video recording of me saying (fuck my kids) yes i said it…NOT in the meaning as a #deadbeatdad BUT the meaning of a man who was frustrated of fighting a evil demon everyday and i was letting her know NOT even the kids will save u,she thinks she can leavage me and the kids,she uses the kids to fight her battles.(me saying fuck the kids aint the REAL problem becuz you can tell im angry about something,BUT the calm person randomly recording is the problem) SHE tried using this recording in court back in (#Marchof2015) but like the judge said(what he said is very wrong but i can see something is bothering him but whats the intention of you recording him?) so the judge slapped laura with a (no contact,no calls,no text,no email order) like the last judge said (LAURA just dont get it,she needs to wake up) shes fightig to wins everyones opinion,im winning court battles #26-0 shes not even fighting me anymore shes fighting the judge..u leak a video to the #BreakfastClub becuz u lost?do u win your lawsuit back #NOPE…the saddest part is (if u gave this much energy to our kids maybe they would have fun with you NOT fun at parties and your there but actual random fun as a family) heres our kids accounts try being involved in theirs lives just alittle #pennylove1209 #Felicia_Isa #wheresWALDO…OUR daughter has played on an all girls basketball team for the last 5 weeks..3 of the weeks have been on your watch and you seemed to Miss all 12 of her games so son wears #0 becuz of course he wants to be just like me(basketball player) my daughter Picked #1 in basketball becuz i wore it in #orlando, she picked #25 in volleyball becuz that was my highschool number…shouldnt she want to be like her MOM and not her DAD?.Laura doesnt get me mad what she does and have my kids do when they around her does(im having a convo with my daughter about her game laura is having her text about MONEY) i wish i was evil enough to take the kids from u but kids need both parents in they point in trollin you, no need to beat a dead horse..u can keep punching me and the judge will KEEP KNOCKING YO ASS OUT #NeverGonnaLearn #NoLiesFromThisSide

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