J.J. Watt Was Onstage Playing the Bongos at a Jimmy Buffett Concert (Video)

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If you’re a fan of Houston Texans defensive powerhouse J.J. Watt, you might want to skip this story. Odds are, what’s revealed here won’t make you a bigger fan.

Over the weekend, Watt, who’s not exactly known for his bleeding edge taste in…anything…was spotted not just AT a Jimmy Buffett concert, which would be troubling enough, but ON STAGE PLAYING THE BONGOS at a Jimmy Buffett concert.

The show took place outside Houston. But you’re probably wondering, “What song did Watt sit in on? Was it ‘Margaritaville’ or…’Margaritaville’?”

Yes. It was ‘Margaritaville’:

Oh, Lord.

To balance things out, he shared a pic of himself backstage at a Lil’ Wayne/2 Chainz show the night before:

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