Stephen A. Smith: ‘Jerry West Shouldn’t Be The NBA Logo, It Should Be Michael Jordan’ (Video)

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Not too many new fans of the NBA know exactly who former Los Angeles Lakers PG Jerry West is.  And if they do, they’ve probably seen minimal highlights during his playing days back in the 60’s and 70’s. He’s been the NBA logo for decades now, and ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith believes it’s time to change that logo to Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

While speaking about West’s recent comments about LeBron James, Stephen A. had this to say:

“..He doesn’t deserve to be the NBA silhouette. The NBA needs to get with modern times. Most basketball fans don’t know who the hell Jerry West was as a player. Regardless of your greatness and you were great, 8 finals losses in 9 tries. That is below mediocre. There’s a gentlemen that owns the Charlotte Hornets, his name is Michael Jordan. 6 Championships in 6 tries, and 6 Finals MVP’s. That’s who should be the NBA silhouette.”

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