Copa America Switches Songs from Chilean National Anthem to Pitbull…While Chile’s Still Singing (Video)

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You wouldn’t think that a tournament of national soccer teams would be too eager to manipulate teams’ national anthems to match their whims, but…here we are. Chile, who had their national anthem played earlier in the week when it should have been Uruguay’s, got a little bit of divine retribution from the soccer gods by having their song cut off while the players were singing prior to Monday’s Copa America contest against Argentina.

As if that wasn’t insulting enough, the song transitioned into a Pitbull song, which is the worst thing a song can become.

Apparently Chile had approved a condensed version of the anthem, but the players didn’t get the memo.

Here’s the whole awkward affair:

For some reason, I feel like Pitbull should be tossed in a Chilean jail for this slip-up.

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