Cancer Survivor Shows Chicago Cubs Prosthetic Eye With Club Logo (Video)


Best story of the year. A 7-year-old Chicago Cubs fan had his right eye surgically removed following the discovery of retinoblastoma, a malignant tumor on the retina that is almost exclusively found in young children. 

Beckham stated he was taunted relentlessly by other kids because he had a missing eye.

“This kid just started calling him a freak and we saw him just shy away,” Erin said, Beckham’s mother.

He went to his family and proposed an interesting idea: a prosthetic eye with his favorite baseball team’s logo on it, the Chicago Cubs.

Not only that. He was awarded the opportunity to show it off to the Chicago Cubs themselves at Wrigley Field.


“He’s my idol, and I look up to him and other kids like him that’s gone through what he’s gone through and wish him all the best,” Cubs bench coach Dave Martinez told Katharin Czink and Dina Bair of “I told him he’s more than welcome to come back any time he wants.”

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