Juan Uribe Tries to Steal a Hot Dog from Fan, Runs out of Time and Returns to Field (Video)

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.41.18 AM

Juan Uribe was either extremely hungry or in a jovial mood last night as the Indians squared off against the Mariners.

The third baseman dutifully chased a foul ball up against the stands. Realizing he couldn’t quite get to it, he did the next best thing: He tried to steal a hot dog from a fan.

The whole thing looked like an act to me, but he may have taken it down if he had the opportunity. Take a look:

This Ocean’s Eleven-style heist? FOILED. Let’s hope he was able to pick up some food after the game.

The Indians lost 7-1, possibly because Uribe was hungry.

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