Toronto Raptors Fan Ejected For Heckling During ECF Shot & Murdered (Video)


Easily the craziest story of 2016 so far…

Toronto Raptors fan Sukh Deo was thrown out of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals for heckling the Cavs and refs way too much. On Tuesday, somebody put 14 bullets through his vehicle and he died from his injuries.

What happened during Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals:

Via FoxSports:

“Sukh Deo, 34, was reportedly fatally shot while sitting in his Range Rover in broad daylight in midtown Toronto. Police say two men wearing construction vests fired at Deo’s vehicle in an alley near a busy intersection, leaving at least 14 visible bullet holes in the driver’s side window.
The Deo brothers have been known to police in Metro Vancouver for more than 15 years. The family used to have Bindy Johal as a neighbour in Queensborough.
In 2005, the victim of a gang kidnapping was held in the garage of their New Westminster home. Police arrested Harjit Deo and others linked to the Independent Soldiers gang on the Deo family property.
Now Harjit’s brother Sukh Deo, 34, has been shot to death in Toronto, where he moved a few years ago and started a trucking company.”

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