Cam Newton Says He’s Done ‘Dabbing’; Planning New Celebration For The Upcoming NFL Season

cam newton dabbing contest

The entire 2015 NFL season seemed to be filled with non-stop players ‘dabbing’ after a first down, a big hit, or a Touchdown.  And nobody did it more, or put it in the spotlight more, than Carolina Panthers QB, Cam Newton.

On Thursday, Cam Newton was a guest on The Mac Attack radio show, where he discussed an upcoming kickball tournament and the retirement of his ‘dabbing’ for the upcoming 2016 NFL season.

Here’s what Newton had to say when asked if he would be dabbing this year:

“I have to put that aside,” Newton told radio hosts Chris McClain and Jim Celania.

He was then asked if he was planning a new celebration:

“I have time. I have until September to find out,” Newton said.

Listen to the full interview here.

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