Deion Sanders Faces Lawsuit after His Son Allegedly Attacked a School Employee Over a Cell Phone

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It sounds like Deion Sanders‘ son is in some hot water, and his dad’s getting tossed into the mix with him.

The teenage Sanders reportedly had his cell phone revoked last year in violation of a Dallas school’s rules when he assaulted a school employee so badly that said employee had to have spinal surgery. The victim, John Darjean, and his insurance company are looking for $26,000 to cover medical costs.

Of course, it’s a little odd that a criminal case hasn’t been made of this since it took place in September of 2015, so the truth might not be completely clear. But since the kid’s a minor, Deion and his ex-wife Pilar might be on the hook for his actions, with the victim’s insurance company claiming they knew that their son had a history of violent behavior.

Stay tuned.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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