Draymond Green Finds Time to Pose for Pic with Fan after Game 3 Blowout Loss (Video + Pic)

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Draymond Green and the Warriors may have been on the receiving end of a blowout reality check last night in Cleveland, dropping Game 3 to the Cavs by a score of 120-90, but that doesn’t mean they went off sulking after the game.

Green put on a happy face and managed to pose for a pic with an eager fan:

And here’s the end result:

Not a bad pic. And the caption sort of gives away that the fan in question was a fellow MSU alum, so he wasn’t too bummed to show some school pride after the loss.

But once he got in the locker room, he ‘fessed up to the team’s poor performance, saying, “They came out and played like a team with a sense of desperation, like their season is on the line. And we came out and played like everything was peaches and cream. They outplayed us.”

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