High School Baseball Player Has Epic Reaction to Foul Ball to the Crotch (Videos)

high school baseball player foul ball to the crotch

Any time somebody takes a foul ball to the crotch, you expect there’s going to be a pretty emotional response. Hell, you probably had a pretty emotional response just reading the words “foul ball to the crotch.” But the response you’re about to see from a high school kid when he took a foul ball to the crotch is an all-time classic.

The kid’s name is Dan O’Reilly. He plays high school baseball for Henry Sibley High in St. Paul, Minnesota. This week, during the top of the fifth inning in a game against St. Paul South, O’Reilly fouled a pitch right into his man cave. However, the pain didn’t hit him all at once. It built up over the course of 15 or 20 seconds. So at first he was just kind of walking around gingerly. Then he threw his helmet in anger. And then, finally, he collapsed to the ground, holding his poor dinged up nuts in his hands.

If you can manage to put the fact that the guy just took a foul ball to the crotch out of your mind for a few seconds, his reaction really is pretty hilarious.

Take a look:

That wasn’t the best part, though. The best part was the way O’Reilly’s picked himself up and walked off like a boss. Because that part involved dabbing:

Well played, Dan. Hope your junk is feeling better.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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