The Euro 2016 Mascot Shares Its Name with a Sex Toy. Oops!


While the host country of France and UEFA organizers are clearly working on ensuring that the matches go off safely and without incident, it seems the marketing department of this year’s tournament could have done a better job naming the mascot. The weird little doll-faced boy is named Super Victor. He wears a cape and has special powers, naturally.

He also is being confused with a vibrating sex toy when people go to Amazon to order merchandise featuring him.

The name might be a weird one, but UEFA can’t be entirely to blame, as the public picked the name over other (bad) options, such as Driblou and Goalix. In response to the embarrassing gaffe, the organizers have stated, “All we can say is that they [the sex aids] are not produced by UEFA.”

Well, they COULD say more, but they clearly just don’t want to.


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