LFL Player Stares at Phone During Coach’s Inspirational Locker Room Speech (Video)

LFL Player Stares at Phone During Coach's Inspirational Locker Room Speech

The LFL is weird. They do play actual games every once in a while, and it’s my understanding that the underwear-clad athletes do get paid. So technically it’s a professional sports league. However, the vast majority of the online content the LFL produces feels an awful lot like basic cable reality television, what with all the fighting and gossip and cursing. I’m surprised they don’t have the women walking around with big old glasses of chardonnay to throw in people’s faces.

Now, though, it seems the LFL is branching out a bit. Instead of a reality TV show, their latest behind-the-scenes video—”The Art of Capturing an Audience”—has a distinct sketch comedy vibe. It starts with a fiery coach giving his players a stern talking-to. Then, when he’s done, the camera pans out to show one player standing 10 feet away from him, looking at her phone.

Check it out:

According to the official description, that’s Omaha Heart coach Tony Doremus talking to his team after a 77-0 loss to the Atlanta Steam.

That’s right. 77-0. I looked it up. It actually happened.

But of course, if you don’t think the whole speech and the thing with the woman on the phone was staged, well damn I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

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