Luis Suarez Gets PISSED after Being Benched in Uruguay’s Copa America Loss (Video)

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In case you’re wondering why one of the best players in the world wasn’t playing for a team that could certainly use his help to stay alive in the competitive Copa America: Luis Suarez has been battling a hamstring injury all month and was unlikely to play in the earlier rounds of the Copa America.

However, he was put on the squad anyway with the hope that he could help the team later on. Unfortunately, he won’t get that chance as his team was bounced from the tourney after just two games.

As he sat by watching his team lose, his body language clearly showed his frustration, and in case that didn’t give it away, his yelling at the coaches probably did.

Take a look:

Uruguay’s coach remained steadfast after the elimination, saying, “There is no situation. The situation is what I told you on Wednesday. The player is not ready to play.”

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