Photos of Lawrence Taylor’s Injuries After Wife Assaulted Him (Photos)


Last Friday, former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor was assaulted by his wife. She was arrested and later boasted about how she ‘beat his ass.’ Lynette also admitted to throwing an object at the back of Taylor’s head, causing a 3-inch laceration.

On Friday, TMZ got a hold of photos illustrating Lawrence Taylor’s injuries:

“Lawrence Taylor had a bloody gash in the back of his head after the alleged domestic violence incident that lead to his wife’s arrest.
TMZ Sports obtained these photos, taken by police who responded to the Taylors’ home last week in Pembroke Pines, FL. In the pics you can see a “3-inch laceration” in the back of the NFL great’s head.”
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Besides the 3-inch gash, doesn’t seem like much, but domestic violence is domestic violence. If it was the other way around, LT would be labeled a ‘wife beater’ and put in jail.

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