Good News, Warriors Fans! Thirsty Instagram Model Roni Rose Will Be at Game 4, So the Dubs Can’t Lose (Pic)

roni rose will be at game 4

Remember that Golden State Warriors fan who was caught staring at Steph Curry like she wanted to remove his Under Armour Mesh Performance Boxejocks® with her teeth? Her name is Roni Rose and—here’s a shocker—she’s an Instagram model.

I bring her up because she was at the first two games of the 2016 NBA Finals in Oakland and the Dubs won by a combined 48 points. Then she was not at Game 3 in Cleveland and the Dubs lost by 30. So the only possible conclusion anyone can draw from these facts is that Roni Rose is the Warriors’ good luck charm.

If you’re a Warriors fan, this incontrovertible fact probably has you worried. After all, tonight’s Game 4 is also in Cleveland. However, you don’t need to fret. Turns out Roni Rose will be at Game 4. And she was even so helpful as to let the television producers over at ABC know exactly where she’ll be sitting so they can make sure to get her in a few shots.

A photo posted by Roni Rose (@getit_rose) on

Sorry, Cavs. It’s over. Not even the return of Kevin Love can save you from this thirsty Warriors Fan. She obviously has sexy voodoo powers.

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