In Case You Were Wondering What Was on Tom Brady’s Play-Calling Wristband…

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In the Pats Hall of Fame fans can browse a lot of memorabilia from distant Patriots history. They can also browse some newer stuff that might actually be of some use to an opposing team.

Here, a Redditor took a pic of Tom Brady‘s playcalling wristband which is on display.

I don’t know what you would do with this information, but an opposing defensive coordinator might have a decent idea. The plays might look like gibberish, but as FTW explains, there’s a lot going on in these weird names. For instance, “G [Gun] BROWN RT [Right] 74 HOSS X-FOLLOW” conveys not only the formation for the QB (shotgun) and the receivers (no backs, three wides, tight end right), but the protection and the patterns run by the guys downfield. 

That’s just one of 50 plays on his wrist, and probably many, many more that can be called in.

Worth $20 million a season to figure this stuff out?

Maybe, yeah.

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