Report: NFL Rules Analyst Mike Carey OUT At CBS

Houston Texans v San Francisco 49ers

Former NFL referee Mike Carey, who turned into an NFL rules analyst for CBS, is reportedly done there after two years.

After watching the replay, Mike Carey probably doesn’t agree with CBS.


Carey, regularly trended on Twitter after every ridiculous call he got wrong, but now sports fans won’t have Carey to kick around anymore.

NY Daily News has more details:

“The Carey era at CBS Sports (okay it was only two years) is over, at least according to NFL TV sources who do not expect the network to bring the former referee back as its rules analyst for the 2016 season.

It is highly unlikely CBS will look to hire another retired official to replace Carey, who spent 24 seasons as an NFL ref before making the leap into television.

The possibility exists CBS could look to get Dean Blandino, the NFL’s VP of officiating, involved on a live basis. That would mean on a controversial call, CBS would have the technical means to go to Blandino for his interpretation.

No one likes to get the boot, but we suspect Carey will experience a sense of relief. He was a constant target on a variety of media platforms. Some of the criticism, albeit justified, was over-the-top and much too personal. In the run-up to last season’s Super Bowl, CBS Sports boss Sean McManus described certain critiques as “very hurtful.”

More often than not, Carey came up small in big spots. And there’s no doubt he finished a distant second when constantly compared to another former NFL ref, Mike Pereira, who is entering his seventh season as Fox’s rules analyst.

Carey’s flawed analysis was a problem. His wooden performances only compounded it. The image Carey projected might have been his Waterloo. To be wrong is one thing. To be wrong, boring and not entertaining is the ultimate triple whammy.”

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