Barkley: ‘When A Guy Steps Over You, You Have a Moral Obligation To Punch Him In The Balls’ (Audio)

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On Sunday, the NBA handed out a flagrant foul to the Warriors’ Draymond Green for his actions during Game 4, which included swinging at LeBron James’ private area.

One person who doesn’t see an issue with Green’s nut shot is former NBA player Charles Barkley, who believes you have a ‘moral obligation’ to punch your opponent in the balls if they disrespect you by stepping over you.

“When somebody steps over you, they’re doing that intentionally to rub your face in it.”

“When a guy steps over you, you have a moral obligation to punch him in the balls.”

Don’t feel too bad, Draymond. If the Warriors go on to win the NBA title without you, the NBA will still allow you to be in the arena to celebrate with your team.


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