J.J. Watt Spent the Weekend Crashing Pickup Basketball Games in Houston

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.01.54 AM

Just a few months after undergoing surgery on his groin, J.J. Watt seems to be itching to get back to physical activity.

The Texans star sent out a tweet Saturday saying he was looking for a pickup basketball game, and it looks like he found a couple. He joined one father and son shooting hoops on a court by Toyota Center, then he responded to a tweet by some firemen, joining them for a game as well.

Says one of the firefighters, “He just pulled up and had a basketball with him, and said, ‘You guys ready for some hoops?’ I think everyone’s jaw just dropped.” 

He continued, “He was just a regular guy. I think all the guys were kind of in awe. There wasn’t a whole lot of conversation during the game, just a group of guys playing hoops.”

Sounds nice. I don’t think those guys would have had much to talk about with Watt anyway.

They got some nice pics, though.

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