More Shocking Footage of Epic England-Russia Euro Brawl (Videos)

england russia euro brawl new footage

Everyone was really worried about possible attacks from Islamic extremists during Euro 2016. So far the biggest problem has been hordes of shitfaced soccer hooligans.

On Saturday, England and Russia fans clashed in Marseilles, both in the streets and in the stands after the teams played to a 1-1 draw. We’ve already shown you some footage of that skirmish. Now there’s more shocking footage that shows the true extent of the violence. And I am not exaggerating when I say it’s shocking.

In this video, a large bald man gets overrun by his hooligan counterparts and knocked out cold:

In this one you see multiple people getting pummelled while lying on the ground in varying states of consciousness:

And at the 1:23 mark of this video a man who appears to be calling for peace instead gets sucker-punched and knocked out cold:

Here in the west, the Russian fans have been portrayed as the primary aggressors, and based on what we’ve seen on social media that is probably somewhat accurate. But there’s no way England fans are completely innocent in all this. Frankly, if I were a taxpaying citizen of France, I’d want both teams kicked out of the tournament.

Unfortunately, the UEFA disciplinary committee is only allowed to issue punishments for incidents that take place inside stadiums. And while there was a skirmish inside the stadium in Marseille after the England-Russia game on Saturday, it was relatively minor compared to what happened outside the stadium. So right now, the Russian and English teams have only received warnings.

If you’re a business owner in France, and Russia or England is playing in your town, you’d better start boarding up your windows.

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