Angry Cavaliers Fan Makes Salty Steph Curry Diss Track Called “B*tch Boy” (Video)

steph curry diss track

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Back in November, a Golden State Warriors fan made a surprisingly solid rap song called “Back 2 Back” that included a heavy dose of trash talk aimed at LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Now, with things between the Warriors and Cavs getting a bit salty, a Cavs fan has responded with a Steph Curry diss track unambiguously titled “Bitch Boy.” It is set to the same backing track as “Back 2 Back,” and includes an explicit reference to that song at the very end.

Have a listen:

Kinda all over the place, really. First he says Steph Curry is lucky to have Klay Thompson. Then he implies that both of them suck because they’re [racist alert] light-skinned. Then he implies that Draymond Green is okay because he’s dark-skinned. But then he implies that if Draymond comes to Illinois he’ll shoot the guy.

Now let’s compare “Bitch Boy” to “Back 2 Back”:

I have to say, I think “Back 2 Back” is still better. The delivery could be better, and it would be great if he’d made his video somewhere other than his bedroom. But his rhymes are first rate.

Who do you think won this epic rap battle?

Hat Tip – [Terez Owens]

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