After Signing New Deal, Now 3 Women Want An Increase In Child Support From Janoris Jenkins

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New York Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins recently signed a $62 million contract in March and there’s at least 3 people that want some of that money NOW.

Last week, one of Jenkins’ baby mommas (Sontaevia Armstrong) petitioned the court to increase child support from $4,000 a month, telling the judge she deserves to live in a nice safe place with their kids.

Now 2 other women want in on the payday fun. Jenkins has 4 kids with 3 different women. On Wednesday, Jenkins responded to those women wanting an increase, stating his finances haven’t really changed even though he signed a new deal in march.

Via NewYorkDailyNews:

“In response to two Florida women, who each have a child with Jenkins, filing petitions in Florida state court earlier this year seeking increased child support payments and other benefits, Jenkins, 27, filed his own “answer to mother’s supplemental petition for modification” and said his economic bracket has not changed dramatically.

The two women, Lakenya Campbell and La’Tasha Jones, filed their petitions in Palm Beach County in April and May, respectively, while Jenkins’ filed his response June 6.

“Father denies there has been a substantial change of circumstances since the entry of the Final Judgment; and that there has been a substantial increase in his income,” reads Jenkins’ court filing in both cases. The “Final Judgment” refers to the paternity settlement agreement Jenkins and the women reached in 2013.”

“Father denies that all relief requested in this petition should be ordered temporarily in this action,” the court filing says.

“In her petition, Jones requests Jenkins “pay for private school and all related expenses for the child,” in addition to the increased child support payments. Campbell asked that her child support payments include “an upward deviation of 5% based upon Father’s failure to spend any time with the child.” Jones’ child with Jenkins was born in 2009, while Campbell’s child with him was born in 2010.”

Let this be a lesson to all athletes to get snipped right away.


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