Cortland Finnegan Is Selling His Custom-Built Back to the Future VW Bus (Gallery)

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NFL cornerback Cortland Finnegan is probably best known for getting his ass whooped by former Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson in what is probably the most famous fight in NFL history. However, it turns out he is more than a guy who’s really good at pissing people off. Cortland Finnegan is also a huge Back to the Future fan.

How huge are we talking about? Well, Finnegan had the folks at BLVD Customs in Florida make him a one-of-a-kind Back to the Future VW Bus, complete with custom-built Delorean-style gull wings and a flux capacetor. So, you know, pretty huge.

Why did Finnegan want a Back to the Future-themed VW Bus and not an actual Delorean? That I cannot tell you. The terrorists whom Doc Brown cons into funding his research drive a VW Bus, so there is a connection here. Was this Finnegan’s way of saying he’s on the terrorists’ side? Your guess is as good as mine.

What I do know is that the vehicle is currently for sale at Music City Motors in Nashville, so if you have an extra $150,000 burning a hole in your pocket, it’s all yours.

Take a look:

Hat Tip – [Dupont Registry]

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