Former Los Angeles Rams RB Lawrence Phillips Death Ruled Suicide By Hanging

lawrence phillips prison murder

Former Los Angeles running back Lawrence Phillips’ career was overshadowed by the constant arrests, both before he got into the league and while he was there. Phillips was scheduled to begin trial on murder charges in the death of a cellmate before he hung himself with a bed sheet in his prison cell.

Via USA Today Sports:

“The final coroner’s report — that includes the toxicology report and autopsy report and was obtained by USA TODAY Sports — states Phillips died of asphyxia due to hanging in what was ruled a suicide and revealed the following:
A bed sheet had been ripped in half, knotted and tied around Phillips’ neck. He was found hanging from a five-foot high, metal television shelf.
The forensic pathologist who conducted the coroner’s report found in Phillips’ left sock a photo of Phillips and an unidentified child and a note. The report provided no details about the note.
The note on Phillips’ chest that read “Do not Resuscitate’’ was written on a small piece of paper torn in half.”

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