Flying Coach Might Be the First Responsible Thing Johnny Manziel Has Done in Two Years

Just a few weeks ago, Johnny Manziel was posting a picture of himself getting a tattoo aboard a private plane. Now it looks like Mr. Manziel and his Louis Vuitton carry-on are back in steerage with the rest of us poor saps. The seat says “4A,” but that doesn’t look like any first-class seat I’ve ever seen.

The revelation comes via an Instagram post from Manziel himself, which shows the close quarters along with some indecipherable emojis about a plane and an explosion. Whatever.

Here’s the post:

A photo posted by Johnny Manziel (@jmanziel2) on

Could this mean his money’s gone? Maybe. Could it mean he’s getting (slightly) more responsible? Maybe. Is it just some fluke? Probably.

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