Watch These Adorable NFL Kids Talk About Why They Love Their NFL Dads (Video)

adorable kids talk about why they love their NFL dads

Fathers Day is coming up this weekend, so the folks at Courtyard by Marriott had some cute NFL children talk about why they love their NFL dads, all while their NFL dads secretly listened in.

The video features Drew Brees, Antonio Brown, Ryan Kalil, and Vince Wilforks, and it really is adorable—especially the part where not one of Drew Brees’ three boys listed the Saints as their favorite football team.

The whole thing is supposed to be a tribute to fathers or something. But really it’s just a case of a corporation taking advantage of another Hallmark holiday. I assume the marketing and PR people at Courtyard by Marriott have done their research and concluded that cute stuff like this sells hotel rooms.

Still, if you can put your cynicism aside for a few minutes, the video really is great. Even Vince Wilfork’s grown-ass kids are cute:

See? Isn’t that the best? Thanks for reminding us what’s really important in life, huge international corporation!

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