Richard Jefferson To Klay Thompson: “If It’s A Man’s Game, Shut Up About The Mozgov Screen.”

2016 NBA Finals - Game Five

A few days ago, the Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson had plenty to say about LeBron James after the NBA suspended Draymond Green for Game 5, which the Dubs went on to lose.

Klay Thompson on trash talk: “I’m surprised some guys take it so personal. It’s a man’s league. I guess (LeBron’s) feelings got hurt.”

After the Cavaliers shocked the Warriors and extended the series to a 6th game, Cavs’ Richard Jefferson fired shots right back at Klay Thompson.

 Per The Vertical’s Chris Mannix:

“James blocked it out, ignored it, but make no mistake: Others didn’t. Privately, Cavaliers officials wondered how Thompson can complain about a Timofey Mozgov screen one day and declare the NBA to be a “man’s league” on another, how the toughness, mental or otherwise, of a star player who has yet to see the benefit of many whistles can be so openly questioned.

“If it’s a man’s game, shut up about the [illegal screen],” Jefferson told The Vertical. “Or don’t say anything about LeBron. Klay, he’s like my little brother. But we can’t contradict ourselves.”

Thursday night can’t get here soon enough.

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