Is Ohio State Using Tim Tebow to Help Them Recruit? (Pic)

Oh, man. This is going to piss off some Florida fans.

As most college football fans know, Urban Meyer, now the head coach at Ohio State, was Tim Tebow‘s coach at Florida back when he won two national championships.

It’s unclear how active Tebow is in helping Ohio State assemble a championship squad, but it’s a safe bet that he gave the O.K. for the team to use this nifty little piece of promotion:

Tebow went on to explain in an interview that he wasn’t sold on Florida without Meyer:

“Really, Florida wasn’t really in the picture until they hired him. He single-handedly worked harder than any other coach to recruit me, and he was so passionate about it.

“The stuff that he would say, you could see in his eyes there was something special in him and in his heart. He believed in me, and he made me believe in myself even more. He would say, ‘We can do this. We can win a national championship. You come here and we’ll do it.’”

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