Icelandic Magazine Reykjavik Grapevine Wins Twitter with Live Commentary of Iceland’s 1-1 “Victory” Over Portugal (Tweets)


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As you may know, Iceland, a tiny country of just 330,000 people, is playing in its first ever UEFA European Championship this year. And on Tuesday they opened with a match against Portugal, a European power led by Cristiano Ronaldo, a man widely (though not universally) regarded as the greatest soccer player on earth.

How’d it go? Well apparently Hafþór Björnsson got into Ronaldo’s head, because he didn’t score and Portugal didn’t win. Then, after the match, Ronaldo refused to exchange jerseys and whined like a little baby about Iceland’s tactics.

As you might imagine, the folks back in Iceland are absolutely loving every second of this. But nobody is having more fun than the folks at the Reykjavik Grapevine, an Icelandic English language magazine. They live-tweeted Iceland’s so-called “1-1 victory over Portugal,” and it was absolutely glorious.

The teams take the field:

Iceland kicks the ball in the general direction of the Portuguese goal:

A questionable call goes Portugal’s way:

10 minutes in and Ronaldo has not scored a goal:

Portuguese players start flopping:

Iceland’s goalie makes a save:

Finally, after nonstop attacking, Portugal finds the back of the net:

At the start of the second half, Iceland has Portugal right where they want them:

In the 51st minute, somebody named Birkir Bjarnason scores to tie the game:

Iceland’s goalie withstands Portugal’s deluge:

Iceland holds on for the 1-1 “victory”:

Aaaaand Cristiano Ronaldo is sour grapes:

The amzing tweets didn’t stop there, though. The Reykjavik Grapevine Twitter feed is still firing off gem after gem:

Needless to say, people are loving this.

Keep up the good work, Iceland.

Hat Tip – [The Guardian]

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