Snoop Dogg Did Some Amazing Commentary For the 1954 NBA Finals (Video

Snoop Dogg 1954 NBA Finals

Jimmy Kimmel seems to embrace sporting events (especially ones televised by ESPN and ABC) more than other talk show hosts.  And to keep the fanfare of the NBA Finals alive, he got noted rapper/pimp Snoop Dogg to do some commentary on a very, very old basketball game.

A 62-year-old NBA Finals game, actually.

Here’s the magic. It’s worth a look:

With Snoop Dogg commentating, I would watch one of these games a week. Or, at the very least, you could get him to be an announcer for NBA Live or something.

The segment was called, unsurprisingly, “The Hizzistory of Bizzasketball with Snoop Dogg.”  That’s a pretty great name, and I hope that he can give us the Hizzistory of other sports as well. The Masters, Robin Ventura vs. Nolan Ryan, etc.

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