Vikings Prank Laquon Treadwell by Filling His Car with 60,000 Packets of Fruit Snacks

laquon treadwell

This is the type of hazing I can get behind. The Vikings, apparently the most courteous hazers in the league, set their sights on rookie wide receiver Laquon Treadwell, and…actually did something that was funny, clever, and not totally cruel. Way to go, Vikings!

For reasons unknown (Because he likes them? Because he hates them?) The team broke into Treadwell’s car and filled it with 60,000 packs of fruit snacks. The prank would have been far meaner (and possibly more awesome) if the fruit snacks weren’t in any container, and he was forced to pick them out of his SUV until the lease was up.  But this way was pretty funny, too.


This what happens when your rookie and your birthday is during Minicamp.. @vikings


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I’m not sure how much this prank cost but…it was worth it.

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