China Trolls Buffalo Sports Fans with Buffalo Bills Stanley Cup Champions Banner (Pic)

buffalo bills stanley cup champions banner

Nobody knows the pain of heartbreaking championship failures like the good people of Buffalo. Sure, Cleveland sports fans have it bad. They haven’t won a championship since 1948. They had to watch the Indians lose the ’97 World Series in extra innings in Game 7. And they’ve had to watch the Cavs lose in the NBA Finals a couple of times. But Buffalo still has it worse.

The Buffalo Bills were a 47-yard field goal away from winning Super Bowl XXV, but Scott Norwood missed wide right. Then they went on to lose the next three Super Bowls as well, and they’ve been terrible ever since. Meanwhile, Buffalo’s other major pro franchise, the Sabres, also suffered a heartbreaking championship loss. In 1999, they reached the Stanley Cup Finals, but lost when Brett Hull scored what should have been a disallowed goal in triple overtime.

Other cities know heartbreak. But the people of Buffalo have been tortured. And now they have to see this:

If I have to explain what’s wrong with this banner, you’re not going to find it funny anyway.

Sometimes I wonder if Chinese manufacturers do this sort of thing just to mess with Americans.

If so…well, that’s just cold.

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