LeBron James Rejects Steph Curry, Trash-Talks Him, Crushes His Soul (Video)

LeBron Trash-Talk Curry

Steph Curry scored 30 points in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, which is not too shabby.  But he was also ejected with over four minutes remaining in the contest, his Warriors lost by a score of 115-101, and his soul was absolutely crushed by a nasty block-trash-talk combo from LeBron James that seemed to rattle the reigning MVP.

Here’s a look at the block by James:

Just seconds later, Steph fouled out of the game and received an ejection for good measure after throwing his mouthguard in disgust.

He better pick up all the pieces from his shattered soul and put them back together in time for Game 7, which is scheduled for Sunday night at Oracle Arena.

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