Adorable Love Poem Michael Jordan Wrote for Grade School Crush to Be Auctioned Off Next Week (Pic)


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Michael Jordan is many things—greatest basketball player of all time, business mogul, NBA executive, former minor league baseball player, meme. But did you know he was also a poet?

It turns out a young, lovestruck Michael Jordan wrote an absolutely adorable poem to a grade school crush, and next week sports memorabilia auction house Goldin Auctions will sell the well-preserved hand-written artifact to the highest bidder.

It’s unclear who currently owns the love letter. But I like to think the object of young Jordan’s affection kept it all these years and is now selling it so she can retire to a beachfront condo in Florida.

Take a look:

Here’s the full text of Jordan’s romantic masterpiece in case you can’t read the fine script:

Only you can brighten my day
Only you can show me the way
Only you can except my love
You and the great man above
Only you can kiss my cheek
When I with you I never fear defeat
I hope you grow very, very tall
Because right now you haven’t grown at all
My face shows happiness and blue
Because I will love Only You

Russell Wilson, feel free to use that for your next love Tweet to Ciara.

Hat Tip – [Complex]