Police Find Kentucky Basketball Player Derek Willis Passed Out Next to Car, Arrest Him for “Public Intoxication” (Video)

Derek Willis arrested

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Last weekend, police in Boone County, Kentucky, found 20-year-old Kentucky Wildcats basketball player Derek Willis lying passed out next to his car in the middle of the road. They also found a 21-year-old woman named Keely Potts sitting in the passenger seat, apparently not passed out. But according to police she had no idea where they were or even “how they got there.”

Needless to say, the police woke Willis up and arrested the pair of them. Here’s the dash cam footage from the arrest:

Amazingly, despite the fact that Willis’ car was on the side of the road with the driver’s side door open, and the fact that Willis was lying in the road with the driver’s side door open as though he’d just fallen out of the driver’s seat, Willis was not charged with driving under the influence. Both he and Potts were instead charged with misdemeanor public intoxication.

According to the Boone County police there was “no evidence whatsoever [Willis] was driving.” Of course, that’s because the cops didn’t give him a breathalyzer test or ask him on camera if he was driving. Whoops!

Several defense attorneys contacted by WDRB said that cases like this are often dismissed. However, something tells me that if Willis were not a KU basketball player, they might have conducted the investigation a little differently.

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