Cleveland Cavaliers Fan Designs ‘Bye Ayesha’ Shirts

Besides the actual play on the court and the fact that the Cleveland Cavaliers have pushed the Golden State Warriors to a 7th game after being down 3-1, the talk of the NBA Finals has been about Stephen Curry’s wife.

Ayesha Curry has been tweeting throughout this series, and each time it makes headlines for all the wrong reasons, which has her husband answering questions on whether she has become a distraction.

Few days ago, Ayesha tweeted about the refs in the NBA Finals:


Then, what really got social media in an uproar was her stating the NBA is rigged for ratings or money after Game 6.

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One Cleveland Cavaliers fan is trying to capitalize on her controversial tweeting by creating these “Bye Ayesha” shirts, a play on the popular “Bye Felicia” meme that originated from the hit movie ‘Friday’.


These shirts can be purchased here for $13.99.


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