Cleveland’s Pornhub Traffic Drastically Fell While Bay Area Traffic Increased After Game 7

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

This is must know information right here. I’m not sure why this is a thing, but it’s a thing and it’s hilarious for whatever reason.

When the clock hit 00:00 in Oracle Arena and the Cleveland Cavaliers won their first NBA title in franchise history, Pornhub traffic in the area fell drastically as much of the population in Cleveland took to the streets to celebrate.

Via Complex:

“According to data from the adult entertainment streaming site, traffic was down by 20 percent during the first half of Game 7. But when the final buzzer went off, getting off was the furthest thing from the minds of Cleveland residents as traffic dropped by 47 percent.”


Via Pornhub:

“Why such a drastic drop? Fap time clearly gave way to clap time as people all over Cleveland tuned in to see the Cavaliers snag the first pro sports championship title the city has had in 52 years. Congrats Cleveland!”

“San Francisco traffic to Pornhub was higher than usual right after the game. Seems like Warrior fans were licking their wounds in an X-rated way. And then, at midnight ,with a 20 percent increase from average traffic, it looks like Cleveland fans got home after celebrating and decided to get their second happy ending for the night.” 

Cleveland’s 60% increase from 10pm-12pm was clearly after they calmed down from drinking and partying in the streets and it was time for bed.

**Opens Pornhub** “Here we go again”

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