Awesome Sportsmanship: Draymond Green and LeBron James Hug It Out After Epic Game 7 (Video)

draymond green and lebron james hug game 7 sportsmanship

The 2016 NBA Finals had a storybook ending. Warriors fans won’t admit it, and they certainly don’t like it. But the rest of us know it’s true. LeBron James wrote the final chapter in his Cleveland redemption story, atoning for “The Decision” by bringing his hometown its first professional sports championship in 52 years. And it all happened in dramatic fashion. The LeBlock? Game 7 tied 89-89 with a minute left? Kyrie Irving hitting his championship-winning three over Steph Curry? It was almost too much awesome. And it didn’t even end there.

After the game, we were treated to an outstanding act of sportsmanship. Draymond Green, the man who almost certainly would have won the NBA Finals MVP award had the Dubs prevailed, and the man who just last week was suspended for smacking LeBron James in the junk, fought threw a swarming crowd to find LeBron and give him a congratulatory bearhug.

Take a look:

Draymond’s been taking a lot of hit for his chippy play this postseason. This certainly goes a long way toward rehabilitating his image. All the Warriors were pretty good sports after the game, but Draymond went above and beyond.

Classy stuff.

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