Kim Kardashian Tells Internet to Watch Her Show Instead of NBA Finals Game 7, Internet Tells Kim Kardashian to Go to Hell (Tweets)

Kim Kardashian Tweet Game 7 NBA FInals

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Heading into Sunday night, a lot of people on social media expressed anxiety over having to choose between Game 7 of the NBA Finals and Episode 9 of Game of Thrones Season 6. But nobody was concerned about missing Keeping Up with the Kardashians, because that show is garbage and the Kardashians are terrible people.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, these facts did not deter Kim Kardashian, Queen of the Idiots and Mother of Kanye Babies, from telling the internet to watch her reality show instead of a ridiculously entertaining and historic Game 7.

Fortunately, the internet basically just told Kim Kardashian to go to hell. Some of the tweets we cannot show because they’re not safe for work. But here are some of the better ones we can show you:

Oh, and one person was kind enough to correct Kim’s typo…

Kim, I think the internet has spoken. Shut the hell up.

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