Michael Oher’s Teammates Fire off ‘Blindside’ GIFs after He Re-Signs With Panthers (Tweets)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

It’s been a while (since the whole DeAndre Young fiasco?) since we saw a bunch of athletes get in on a Twitter meme, and I think we’ve all missed it a little bit. Fortunately, the Panthers were willing to take us back down that road after the team re-signed Michael Oher, the guy whose name became known as the subject of the popular football movie The Blindside.

The Panthers signed him to a contract, and the GIFs started flying pretty freely on Twitter after that. And it was great:

We could probably use a few more, so I hope the rest of the team catches wind of this. As for Oher, he’s getting $9.5 million for three seasons, guaranteed, with a shot at up to $21 million. So he should probably tweet out some celebratory GIFs, too.

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