Owner of “Bye Ayesha” T-Shirts Says He’s Sold Thousands After Cavs Victory


After Game 6 of the 2016 NBA Finals, Stephen Curry’s wife, Ayesha, made herself a target once again when she complained on Twitter about how the NBA Finals were rigged after her Husband fouled out of Game 6.

One Cleveland Cavaliers fan had a great idea and made some T-Shirts with the slogan ‘Bye Ayesha’, a reference to the hit movie ‘Friday’ that came out in the 90’s.

Since the Cavs defeated the Warriors in Game 7 on Sunday, the Cavs fan says he’s sold thousands of t-shirts already.

TMZ has the details:

“An Ohio-based clothing company had a run on “Bye Ayesha” shirts last night —  selling more than 1,000 of ’em Sunday night after the Cavs beat up on Steph‘s Warriors. 

We spoke with Lamp Apparel owner Brandon Lamp who says he came up with the shirt after Ayesha’s Twitter antics following Game 6. 

“It came out of nowhere and we whipped them up in 30 minutes,” Lamp said … “Once Cleveland won, it went crazy. The orders have been non-stop.”

The jab is of course an ode to the “Bye Felicia” diss from “Friday” and is kind of a perfect shot — something the Warriors coulda used more of last night.”


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