Despite Championship, Skip Bayless Is Still Hating On LeBron and the Cavs (Tweets)

While most people took to Twitter last night to praise LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers for their remarkable comeback to capture the 2016 NBA title in seven games from the Golden State Warriors, ESPN (soon to be FOX) mega-troll Skip Bayless took to social media to do a little hating.

And who was he hating on?  The Cavs and their star player, of course.

Bayless couldn’t resist the temptation to cheapen Cleveland’s victory and LeBron’s MVP honors by suggesting that the Spurs would have beaten the Cavs, Kyrie Irving deserved the MVP more than James, and LeBron is still not even close to Michael Jordan.

Here are the tweets:

Of course, there are many out there who were quick to remind us just how stupid Skip can be at times…in case anyone actually needed such a reminder:

And here are some other great reactions to Skip’s tweets:


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