RGIII Congratulates Cavaliers on Championship…By Ripping Off Their Photo (Tweets)

errant RGIII pass clears 16 foot fence internet reacts

As the current future former Cleveland Browns quarterback, Robert Griffin III understands that it is in his best interest to ingratiate himself to the hometown fans. So after LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship on Sunday, he decided to take to Twitter to congratulate the team and the city.

Here’s the thing, though. In his congratulatory tweet, RGIII used the exact same graphic the Cleveland Cavaliers used in their championship tweet. Only whoever operates RGIII’s Twitter cut out the Cavaliers watermarks and put a “© 2016 Robert Griffin III” at the bottom.

This is the Cavaliers’ original tweet:

And here is RGIII’s:

RGIII congratulates Cavaliers tweet

If RGIII had just used the photo, that wouldn’t be a big deal. But removing the Cavaliers watermarks and putting his own copyright symbol on there was a douchebag move. And the dude who runs the Cavaliers website rightfully called him on it:

Why did RGIII do this? Well, it turns out RGIII uses Whosay, the invite-only app that lets celebrities copyright their social media content.

Since everything RGIII posts online is through Whosay, all of it gets slapped with “© 2016 Robert Griffin III.” But that still doesn’t make it okay. Turns out RGIII is slapping his copyright all over other people’s stuff, including wire photos.

RGIII may want to find somebody else to run his social media feeds.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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