Sports Books Taking Bets on Where LeBron Will Play Next Season: Here Are The Odds

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I’m not even sure the ice from the champagne buckets has melted, but that hasn’t stopped the sports media from immediately leaving “celebration mode” to get back into speculation regarding the NBA free agents of 2016. It’s now being discussed that Cleveland’s success might actually hurt LeBron‘s chances of returning to the Cavs, but, then again, no one really knows anything.

That won’t stop people from talking, rr people from taking bets, however.

Sports books are taking action on where King James will end up, and here are the early odds:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers: -400
  • Miami Heat: +500
  • Los Angeles Lakers: +650
  • Los Angeles Clippers: +1100
  • New York Knicks: +1500

It looks like they just put the four biggest markets on the list after Cleveland. Like I said, no one knows anything. But if you wanna bet 400 bucks to win 100, choose Cleveland.

Hat Tip – [Fox Sports]

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