Cam Newton Made it Rain, Had a Really Good Time at the Strip Club (Video)

Cam Newton Make it Rain Strip Club

Sure, Cam Newton found himself to be a pretty divisive star last season, but aside from a Super Bowl temper tantrum, he seemed to be a pretty charitable, if flashy, guy.

Strangely, charitable and flashy would also describe Mr. Newton’s appearance at this strip club, which saw him get on stage and throw lots of money into the air while he danced. It’s not clear how much money he spent by making it rain, but I’d guess it was at least a thousand bucks, even if those are ones.

It’s like the end of Die Hard with all the money flying around.  Take a look here (possibly NSFW):

When @_dc7up says there is going to be 1 million dollars in the air opening weekend, he ain’t lying!!! #camnewton #MylittleAssClimbingthePole #vliveatlanta

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